Herzberg am Harz

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Welcome to Herzberg am Harz – the Esperanto Town

Following a decision of the Town Council in July 2006, Herzberg am Harz now uses the official additional designation 'Esperanto-urbo' (Esperanto Town). Herzberg is a very attractive town to visitors, the interesting history of the town and its splendid countryside now coupled with the range of activities offered at the Intercultural Centre Herzberg.

Herzberg lies in the heart of Germany, at the southern flank of the Harz mountains. To the north extend the mountains of the Harz National Park with its vast forests; in the lower areas the limestone gives rise to hills, rocks and caves. The surrounding villages – Sieber, Lonau, Scharzfeld and Pöhlde – provide opportunities for interesting excursions and pleasant holidays.
Herzberg is easily accessible from the A7 motorway, via the B243 or B27 roads. Nearest airports are at Hannover, Paderborn, Halle/Leipzig, and Berlin, with Frankfurt and Dortmund airports slightly further away. Inter City Express trains stop at Hannover and Göttingen, with local connections to Herzberg.

Services to visitors
It is hoped that Herzberg could become a model Esperanto-Town with bilingual street signs and signposts, bilingual restaurant menus and a series of other services for Esperanto visitors. First steps in this direction may already be seen in the many signs directing visitors to the 'Esperanto Centre' and in several restaurants guests can order from a menu in Esperanto. Other services for Esperanto-speakers are planned for the future.

Gateway to a National Park

HERZBERG AM HARZ   and its holiday resorts
Bracing Lonau
Exhilarating Sieber
Restful Pöhlde
Energizing Scharzfeld

Many centuries of German history, and the natural beauties of the landscape on the southern slopes of the Harz Mountains, meet in the richly traditional town of Herzberg (Hairtsbairg), together with the stimulating Lonau and Sieber, and the resorts of Pöhlde and Scharzfeld. To the west lies the imposing, 950-years old, Welfenschloss building, the biggest half-timbered building in Lower Saxony. The Museum of Tin Statuettes; the Lower Saxony Forestry Commission Exhibition: “Harz Country and Its People – Then and Now”; the presentation of the copy of the Evangelists by Heinrichs der Löwe; the Knights’ Salon as a concert hall or lecture theatre, as well as the Castle Restaurant, offer a varied range of cultural experiences.

Herzberg and Its Resorts

Lonau is the only resort within the Harz National Park. Surrounded by unspoilt woods and without any traffic, lies the nationally recognised air resort Lonau, the base for the National Park Commission. It is a fountain of information, and the starting point for many guided excursions. There is something for all in Lonau, from rest-seeking walkers to keen sports-people; there is a rich assortment of cycling and excursion routes. Apart from a heated swimming pool in the woods with a camp-site, there is a traffic-free path to Hanskühnenburg and a direct connection to the Upper Harz. In winter, nearby ski runs and a great many steep slopes invite visitors to long-distance skiing and sledging.

To the south lies the 274 metres high Rotenberg, within which is situated the resort of Pöhlde, a jewel in the attactive surroundings of natural beauties between the Harz Mountains and Rotenberg. Horse-riders, fishing enthusiasts and holiday-makers all flourish here, as do lovers of centuries-old monuments and history.

The nationally recognised health resort of Sieber in the pleasant Sieber Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Harz Mountains, offers holidays in the vast leafy and pine woods. The mid-mountain climate, at an altitude of 325-400 metres, and the excellent walks and hiking routes, improve health and well-being. The whole family is delighted with the unique holidays on offer; in summer the various benefits of the holiday resort and the open-air pool; and in winter the ski-slopes right next to the village.

On the sunny side of the South Harz lies the nationally approved resort of Scharzfeld. Well signposted strolling and hiking paths for young and old, and good-quality cabins attract visitors to see the sites. Discover the hidden secrets of rocky caves and the ruins of Scharzfels Fort. For cyclists here are interesting destinations. Campers find in the idyllic Bremke Valley, near to a heated swimming pool, a quiet place to rest.

Where the eyes find repose, and the soul sighs.

Start to breathe in and relax.

Have a restful stay in the cabins on the Grosser Knollen (687 metres) and near Hanskühnenburg on Acker (811 metres).

You can wander for miles, in the clean, invigorating Harz air, on well-signposted trails, to the Highlands of Harz and – in peaceful places - observe the rutting of deer and capercailie.

You can trace the ancient geological forces of the Ice Age: the Rhume Spring at Pöhlde, which is one of the three biggest springs in Europe; and the Jues Lake (which was caused by a landslide in the karst region) in the centre of the town of Herzberg.

Or you can visit prehistoric discoveries in the stone church and Unicorn Cave in Scharzfeld.

Start studying medieval history in old Welfenschloss, on Rotenburg in the so-called “Vogelherd”, or aviary, of King Heinrich, and in the former imperial palace, later a monastery of Pöhlde.

Sport in Herzberg

Herzberg and its four holiday centres offer not only untouched nature and true repose, but also everything needed for an active sports holiday. The package includes horse-riding in the fields and meadows, tennis in the Herzberg Leisure Centre, or on open-air courts in Herzberg, Pöhlde and Scharzfeld.

On the nearby “Rotenberger Haus” golf-course, players swing their clubs on a manicured 15-hole course, soon to be enlarged. To your heart’s desire you can swim in the three beautiful pools in Lonau, Sieber and Scharzfeld, or in the natural waters of Lake Jues, where you can snorkel, swim or row.

A great network of cycle-paths link Herzberg and its holiday centres with the Harz Mountains.

Children’s dreams are realised.

Places for ball games and adventure.

Herzberg and its holiday centres offer ideal leisure facilities for families with children. Either in idyllic woods with barbecues, or in the Herzberg hiking area, one can play everywhere.

A veritable paradise for children is the holiday park in Sieber. Minigolf, tabletennis, boccia, and open-air chess are available for fun competitions. The vast adventure area has skating rinks of almost all lengths; swings; climbing forts, and much more.

Across branches and stones, through fields and woods with children, discovering the world.

Not only children delight in the joys of winter, such as skating, sledging and romantic sleigh-rides. Ready made ski trails lead to the glorious winter woods, and the ski-slopes in the Upper Harz are not far away.

On with warm clothes, and off to white splendour.

Varied and familiar is .......

the Herzberg holiday paradise, in all seasons. Our guests are welcome everywhere; that is traditional in the Harz.

Famous are not only the many heart-warming culinary specialities, but also the pleasant atmophere and hospitality with which we welcome our guests.

Our hosts await you in our many lovely family-hotels, guest-houses, private rooms and holiday-homes. Something for everybody can be found in our entertaining Harz homeland evenings, slide-shows, concerts in spas and castles, theatre evenings, and lots more. When shall we prove this to you?

Herzberg means a hearty welcome

From the north, Herzberg can be reached by car on the A7 motorway up to the exit at Seesen, and from there on the B243 to Herzberg.
From the south, take the A7 to the exit for Göttingen Nord, and from there by the B27 to Herzberg.
From the Saxony-Thuringia direction, the best route is through Nordhausen on the B243 to Herzberg.

By train you reach us by the following routes:
From the north, through Hannover, Kreiensen, Northeim.
From the south, through Kassel, Göttingen, Northeim.
From the west, through Altenbeeken, and Northeim.

Harz Nature Park
Harz National Park