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Intercultural Centre Herzberg/German Esperanto-Centre
Information and cultural programmes are the Herzberg Esperantists' main activities. 

The Intercultural Centre Herzberg (ICH) acts both as 

 - an information and cultural centre for the German Esperanto Association and 
 - as a training centre for the Association of German Esperanto Teachers (AGEI), itself a national branch of the International League of Esperanto Teachers (ILEI). 

Throughout the year Esperanto courses, advanced study groups, technical courses and other activities are arranged.

Next course for beginners: 9-13.03.2015 or please write us

NEW EU-project: Lifelong Learning Programme - Comenius Multilateral school partnership programme 2012-2014
Project title: A Guided Tour from the Local Castle to the European House (GUTO)
3 partners: Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium, Herzberg am Harz (DE), Pálffy Miklós Kereskedelmi Szakképzõ Iskola, Gyõr (HU), Scuola Secondaria di 1-grado "G.Grassa", Mazara del Vallo (IT)

EU-project: Lifelong Learning Programme
Comenius programme on school education 2008-2010

4 partners: Bar Hill School (GB), Komlóstetõi Általános Iskola, Miskolc (HU), Nicolai Grundschule, Herzberg am Harz (DE), Germana Esperanto-Centro/Interkultura Centro Herzberg (DE)
4 project leaders/teachers: Tim Morley, Ilona Fedor, Otto Kern, Zsófia Kóródy
Trip to Herzberg: a great success!
Posted on April 14th, 2010 by Tim Morley
April 14th, 2010: a group of nine children from Year 2 to Year 6 arrived home from a five-day trip to Herzberg-am-Harz, the self-proclaimed “Esperanto-Town”. This was the last of three visits that were part of the Springboard to Languages Comenius project, funded by the European Commission.
The visit was a great success, and was thoroughly enjoyed by children and parents alike. Families from the third partner school, Komlóstetõi Általános in Miskolc, Hungary, were visiting at the same time, and many of the German host families took in both a Hungarian and a British family at the same time, making for some very international households.
Kaz said that his favourite part was the day at school, where he met some nice pupils. Anna enjoyed the climbing web in the school playground, while Callum’s favourite was the mini-Olympics.
Mr Mistry, who went on the trip, said, “We are proud to be able to offer this opportunity to the children of Bar Hill, and I’m very pleased indeed with this, the final visit of the two year collaboration. I would like to think that some of the friendships formed and renewed this week will last a lifetime.”
If the tears that went with the goodbyes at the station are anything to go by, Mr Mistry may well get his wish.

 Esperanto into schools   DE, GB, HU; a summary of the 2-year  primary school Comenius project
Dear Friends,
Here at last is a detailed report with a series of photos of the last meeting of primary school children from the 3 partner towns, Bar Hill in Britain, Miskolc in Hungary and Herzberg am Harz, in Germany.

As part of the Comenius project subsidised by the EU we cooperated for 2 years from 2008 to 2010.
About the collaboration I will report in detail in the following number of IPR, now Iam summarising only the events of the last meeting, which hopefully however will not be the last, indeed the friendships forged, the communal experiences will bind together children, families and colleagues.

See some photos here

How did the project period end? What happened between 9 and 13 April?
During the last stage of the stay in Herzberg there occurred communal learning, singing, film shows about the partner schools, games, dancing, a small exhibition about the important events in the 2-year cooperation, etc.
There was no lack of tourist items together with the host families:
a mining-museum visit to Clausthal-Zellerfeld, excursions to Goslar and Bad Harzburg, a look around town in Herzberg, a visit to a castle and to The Esperanto-Centre.
A photo-report with many photos and explanations can be found on this website
The three project partners with help from the head of Nicolai School in Herzberg, Mr Frank Keller, the staff and a group of parents prepared a grand farewell evening party. As well as the British and Hungarian guests and German ost-families, children took part and also the other lady teachers of the school, the mayor, Gerhhard Walter came, the secondary school rector, H.J. Bötel, friends of the Esperanto group and many other people. From Hungary too came two lady teachers of foreign languages; the British school party from Bar Hill was accompanied by the deputy head, Mr Sanjay Mistry with his wife.
About 100 people enjoyed a pleasant farewell evening party with games in Esperanto, greetings, speeches, films, singing and dancing by the children. People took photos, made films, talked a lot to each other, and all was concluded by an
abundant party buffet.
A detailed report of the whole Comenius-project (with many additional materials can be read here).
What more? As well as the already available short films about the three schools a DVD-film will be got ready about the activities, events and results.
Apart from that we would like to ensure that friendly, family and school contacts independent of the project should continue, and the experiences passed on to other schools and colleagues.
Those interested in similar interaction cooperation, future projects, please turn to
Tim Morley, Ilona Fedor or Zsofia Korody.
P.S. AGEI (the German section of the International Union of Esperanto Teachers) in cooperation with ILEI will organise the Traditional October Teachers' Meeting (TORPED-6) between 8 and 12, October 2010 in Herzberg.
Main theme: school and other projects, requests for financial support.
The information, and application form you will soon find in the following number of IPR
and already on the AGEI-website   Meetings
With many greetings
Zsofia Korody
Esperanto-kursoj, ekzamenoj, biblioteko
Interkultura Centro Herzberg
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